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Public Official 14: I heard you were looking for me.

Dimora: Yeah, I was sittin’ here with a friend of mine who’s tryin’ to get a hold of you to talk about your ice rink. He wants to make a proposal to you uh that he thinks will be advantageous to the city and to you if you uh if you wanted to talk to him and I mean the guy’s…

PO14: Is it Neiheiser?

Dimora: Yep.

PO14: I’ve been trying to return his call but I’ve been stuck in negotiations with the unions, but I’d be more than happy to talk to the guy.

Dimora: Ok. Uh, do you want me to tell … I’m sittin’ next to him here but he can’t hear me. Do you want me to tell him you’ll call him next week or…

PO14: Have him call me tomorrow morning at 9:30.  I’ll make time. I’ll make time to talk to him.

Dimora: If there’s anything we can do, uh, let us know, you know, uh, any help we can provide.

Following that call, Bill Neiheiser made a sizeable contribution to Public Official 14’s political campaign and soon after got the government contract to manage the local ice rink.

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